Sunday, October 16, 2011

Saga 2011

Engrossing Saga was held on October 9th – 15th at the Lakehouse Lodge on Geneva-on-the-Lake.
The Event Centre was completed in time for the Traditional Saga the week before. Beautiful weather greeted everyone for the first three days and Mother Nature gave an electrifying display for our departure on the final Saturday.

 Some of us stayed at the Lakehouse Inn, and were greeted by Innkeeper Andrea.

The Lakehouse Inn Beach House and Winery.

Some of us stayed at the Geneva Lodge.
Both sites gave magnificent views of the beach and water.

This is a picture of the approaching storm, taken from the Lodge. It brought with it hail and 58 miles per hour winds. Some folks loved the massive waves and windstorm. Some wondered about the trip home as some planes were delayed.

Co-directors, Michael (on left) and Harvest (below).

Harvest will be carrying the Spencerian Saga torch and continuing the Saga journey. Congratulations, Harvest!             

The new Events Centre! Opened on October 2, in time for Traditional Saga! What a neat place - converted from a derelict cottage purchased last year. We hope the new spa being build on the right side will offer massages! Mike, are you ready for more changes?

The porch gave ample space to enjoy the lovely weather the first 3 days...
Saga founder and Master Penman, Mike Sull, demonstrates how to draw an acanthus leaf - prevalent in currency  and certificates.

 Here is the result below.

Mike gives a demonstration.

Up close and personal...Voila!

                                                                          Joe introduces himself - Master Penman in training, Junior Grade. His personalized nametag indicates his rank.

 Tuesday's dinner at Mary's Diner.

Aline, blog master, is not in the individual pictures below but is in this photo, with Spencerian 'volunteer', husband Peter.

This space is for Wednesday's Dinner with pictures taken by Hank.
A new place called Mar 'G' 

Engrossing samples...

Mike & Harvest
At this Saga, everyone got along.

Our participants:









Joseph - did you find your lost luggage?

Joseph washed laundry every night - and had his first foray into WalMart. 








Dorothy (who won the raffle)







Joe and Yvonne, desk-mates.

Samples of watercolour washes by Mike...

Oil toning

French lining with a ruling pen.

Mike doing filigree 

Adjusting pen holders

Signing his book of poems.

Joe is working on the engrossing for the certificates for Mike & Harvest. Every technique he learned this week enhanced his efforts... certificates will be further down...

Following the storm's approach on Friday evening...

the crashing of the waves added its haunting melody to the cacophony of the wind...

Aline was almost blown over but Pat takes delight in fighting the powerful gales... she manages to get her picture.

Lisa enjoys the weather...

Relaxing before the Friday evening farewell dinner... Hank and Ann.

Pre-dinner fireside chats...


Our main course...

Vintner Sam regales us with anecdotes of the wine industry and the family's foray into the sommelier business. He always has a new historical tidbit to share with us every year.

Our cake...

Marie has served us well ever since they took over the business. She is always upbeat and is a hard worker. The matriarch of the family, and the mother of Sam and Andrea's grandmother.

Shirley has worked at the Inn for 27 years and has been with Saga for 25 years.

She is always cheerful and greets us all with a smile. She has every t-shirt from Saga.

My slice of cake...

Marie sits for a minute and makes a toast to those of us at the table.

Cheryl, Marie & Shirley receive a token of appreciation from Mike.
Another t-shirt to add to their collection. 

Visitors Bill and Kathy from the Spencer Committee, pay us a visit. Mike presents them with t-shirts and forgets their canvas bags. Thoughtful Pat runs over to the events centre and brings them their bags.

Mike & Harvest are called to receive their certificates of Appreciation.

Mike admires the engrossing on his certificate, made of the highest quality parchment with the finest of penmanship and art.

Harvest admires all the techniques Joe has employed in the 'magnificent' rendition of superb Spencerian and engrossing.

Dawn, from the Spencer Committee, acknowledges a donation of $1000 from the participants - it will go towards the new plaque in the new park in town, Veterans Park, to honour Spencer. Two truckloads of old bricks from the original school will be used.

 Mike & Harvest admire their thank-you cards from Heather.

The outside of the cards.

Harvest's certificate...
Mike would not part with his for a photo op.

Heather's work

More of Heather's work.

Heather's work.

Mike's piece that was raffled with proceeds going to the kitchen staff. Dorothy won the prize!

Close up of the piece...